Vendor Inquiry

Interested in having your business featured at In The Black?


2’x6’ table for you to vend (product or service) or after hours event such as workshops, launches, etc. Ideal for new businesses who want to test and prove their product/service idea 

  • Unlimited number available 
  • Requirements:  Business license, Tracking your sales during pop-up and provide a sales report
  • 1-30 day commitment 

Pop-up: Starting at $150/day 


Sell your products through the In The Black e-commerce shop. Our staff will fulfill orders and manage customer inquiries on your behalf. Ideal for existing businesses looking to grow their audience and convert more sales. 

  • Unlimited number available 
  • Requirements:  Business license, 1 year in business, sold on average $100/month
  • 3-6 month commitment 
  • Virtual meeting for setup and shipping/delivering products to the storefront
  • 2-3 hours of maintenance time weekly

10% of sales + cost of shipping

Permanent Retail 

Have a physical presence in the shop with your own mini-shop. Spaces range from 3’x3’ spaces up to 110 SF. Ideal for growing businesses looking to establish themselves and expand their customer base. 


Full time store staffing and management 
POS system and e-commerce integration
Inventory tracking and management 
Backstock storage 
Security system and monitoring 
Furniture and fixtures 
Professional merchandising support 
Order fulfillment 
Customer support and management 

  • Requirements:  Business license, 2 year in business, liability insurance, and have sold on average $2,000/month
  • 6-12 month commitment 
  • Monthly all hands meeting, 2x month remerchandising, and participation in one event
  • 5-10 hours of maintenance time weekly