LaToya McInnis

Cocoacentric is a brand of ethically handmade, curated, and vintage jewelry & accessories begun by San Francisco native and designer & founder LaToya McInnis in 2017. After working several high-level fashion conglomerates, McInnis yearned for a way to express her creativity within the space, and find her “fit.” McInnis began Cocoacentric with a vision to create fashion bold statement style, modern art and nature. Her designs are beautiful handmade & curated statement pieces using acrylic, brass & sterling silver.  The results are timeless, nostalgic accessories that bear a unique Afrocentric flip. McInnis focuses on creating wearable art that allows her, as well as others, to take their cultural identities as indigenous women very seriously. 

Since its inception, the company has grown from jewelry and accessories to curating textile, and home decor. Latoya’s mission with Cocoacentric is to uplift and empower women to feel stylishly beautiful while designing, creating, and curating sustainable jewelry and accessories. By featuring a beautifully unique style, artistic design, quality, value, and service, her goal is to continue to represent diverse women and uplift beauty that is often underrepresented and overlooked.