CIK Apparel

CIK Apparel

Cianni Jackson

CIK Apparel is owned and operated by San Francisco native Cianni Jackson. As a mother of three, she began the apparel line in June 2020. The letters behind the brand name are a legacy nod to her children, as Jackson was determined to reflect her love for her family within her business. Despite the pandemic and the resulting racial tensions, Jackson was inspired by the artistic transformations taking place along Broadway Street. Shortly after, she developed her first signature camo, black pride jacket, diligently hand crafting the patches and sewing them on by hand to each jacket she sourced herself. Once completed, the demand grew quickly, and CIK Apparel was born!

Cianni Jackson’s family roots are in the Fillmore district of San Francisco, and she attended George Washington High School. The powerful connection to these family roots are evident in CIK’s mission: create something she and other women of color would be proud to wear. Growing up around a village of people fighting for equality and recognition of black lives influenced her passion and direction for her brand. As a fashionable creative, her sense of style has always been a standard for others to consult with, as she loves bringing joy and confidence to others through her ideas and concepts. In the future, she hopes to have her work featured on the big screen for a black writer, on platforms similar to Issa Rae’s Insecure and Rap Shit!