T.R.A.P. Tronix

T.R.A.P. Tronix

Tanksley family

T.R.A.P. Tronix is a black-owned family owned and operated business established by Shalocmont and Kevin Tanksley. The family began the business in 2019 at the request of their daughter Kelsey, whose entrepreneurial spirit blossomed during the pandemic. The company’s name stands for “To Retire a Parent”, which focuses on building confidence and self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship for young girls and women. The brand’s business ideas sprouted in the midst of the pandemic, communicating to her parents that she wanted to create a mask “you can look cute in” after the world began to open up, and schools went back into session. Soon after,T.R.A.P. Tronix was born, and the family developed the first round of LED  light masks for sale. As popularity grew and Kelsey’s sales began to grow, the family began to think of ways to infuse innovative, functional electronic solutions with everyday items. By focusing on useful items that everyone can use, the family has developed a solid inventory, which even includes dog collars.

The Tanksley’s grew up in San Francisco’s Fillmore district, and they still enjoy firm family roots in the area. Looking ahead to 2023, they look to expand their inventory to more electronics, kitchen gadgets, and digital items. Their main mission is to instill the value of being your own boss, while reinforcing smart and efficient money management skills.