Mercedes Jackson

NTGRTY is an inspirational active streetwear brand founded in December 2020 by Mercedes Jackson. By focusing on producing high quality products for consumers, her goal is to encourage every consumer to have true integrity. She chose the name NTGRTY for the brand because it reflects an important core value not only for her business, but for her everyday life. The NTGRTY brand was founded in the midst of the pandemic, where isolation time was long, and necessary. Instead of seeing this as a negative, Mercedes began to see the time as an opportunity for self-evaluation, self-awareness, forgiveness, and learning the power of positive thinking. Choosing to alter the spelling was a move motivated by coming full circle from within, finding purpose and daring to be different. Jackson has remained determined to put authentic meaning back into the word integrity, and is making a statement both physically and mentally with the NTGRTY Clothing brand.

Mercedes Jackson was born and raised in the Fillmore District in San Francisco, CA. As a very zealous, creative, and ambitious soul, Jackson knew she had “always wanted more out of life,” and knew she was absolutely meant for it! Her personal adoption of the word “integrity”  came from an interview she watched, where late rapper and L.A. business mogul Nipsey Hussle explained that integrity meant  “doing the right thing when no one is looking.” After that defining moment, Jackson began to move differently, allowing Hussle’s definition to inspire and shape both her and her business. Jackson is currently working on future collections, and expanding the territory and appeal of the brand to allow more people to have NTGRTY.