Harmonic Bliss Wellness

Harmonic Bliss Wellness

Ashley Mikell

Harmonic Bliss was created in 2020 by entrepreneur healer and San Francisco native Ashley Mikell. As a child, Mikell found her passion for helping ease others’ distress when giving her mother massages and foot rubs  after long days at work. The young entrepreneur even presented “bills” to her, for services rendered! From there, Mikell decided to go to school to become a certified reiki master. Her move was inspired by the lack of access to psychological relief by black and brown populations, combined with the rising occurences of anxiety and depression caused by the isolation and stress the pandemic caused. To accommodate those who shied away from therapy and medical communities, Mikell started a Youtube channel where she offered services to connect with listeners’ deep desire, while giving readings to those who requested them.  As a believer in holistic healing methods, Mikell began to notice a demand for her service, and began to build her business around serving the Culture via unique connections to her cultural and spiritual roots. 

Mikell’s roots in the Fillmore district run back to her grandparents, who moved to California from Texas after World War II in the 1930’s. Her family worked hard and owned property in the area, and although the family unjustly lost the home to individuals who took over without merit, Mikell wants to build her business and open a store front as  way to reclaim property in the city, and place her family’s stamp back on the map, while still providing a bevy of services to the community. Mikell is now working with the city of San Francisco to integrate her holistic teachings in schools for middle school and elementary age kids.